Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday

For the first time, you are invited to join in today's Flashback Friday. The assignment was to post a picture of a Thanksgiving or Black Friday from the past, and a little blurb to go along with it. I am so excited to see what "old" pictures you all post.

I, unfortunately, could not locate the picture I really wanted to post today; so, I had to settle with a Thanksgiving photo taken in 2005. At the time, my family was living in California and we were still in OKC; but we all ventured out here to small town America to celebrate Turkey Day with my in-laws. I hate that my family doesn't live close enough for us to share in the holidays like this more often.

Anyway, this is a picture of my parents, my youngest brother, my sister, Josh, me, and Jack - who was not yet one.
Next month's assignment: I love all things Christmas, so I would love to see some of your past holiday photos. Happy hunting!

Flashback Friday Participants
1. amber davis
2. Liz Brack
3. Stacey Cannon
4. Shawna Byrd
5. Daniele Harrell

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Amber said...

My Flashback is from 2002-its one of my all-time favorite pictures!

Thanks for doing this, its so fun!

Stacey said...

Love the pic! Thanks for doing this!!! It was fun thinking of what to post!

Shawna Byrd said...

Loved the pic. I will do better on finding a picture next time!

Devin said...

I'm sorry I missed this week. I'm in MO, and didn't have access to the photos on my computer. I'll try to find something for next week.

Daniele said...

That is a great picture. I couldn't really find any for Thanksgiving except for the one of the boys from last year.