Friday, July 4, 2008

That's Life

Welcome family and friends to the Brookshire family blog site. Since posting pictures to our Shutterfly site just didn't seem sufficient enough anymore, we decided to start journaling portions of our day-to-day life, so that all of you can watch as our family continues to grow - spiritually, intellectually and physically, that is, NOT in numbers.

We really hope that all of you will come back and visit our site often as we attempt to share our experiences and milestones with you. We only wish you were all here to share in each and every one of these "little moments" that make up our lives.

From here, you can find out all about our little family...what we like, what we are involved in, what size shoes we wear...information you probably never wanted to know about us, all listed right here for your reading and viewing pleasure.

The Man of the House

Mommy Dearest

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Baby Beau

The Furst Born





Our photo album

Video clips

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