Friday, December 5, 2008

Flashback Friday

This month's theme for Flashback Friday is "Christmas" and when I found the following picture the other day and I knew I had to post it this week.

Reason being: this coming Monday is not only Jack's birthday, but it is also my granddaddy Jack's birthday. Yes, their having the same name was on purpose; but their having the same birthday was not - in fact, my Jack arrived two week early just to ensure a shared birthday with the man whom his name was to honor and pay tribute.

Anyway this picture is of me and my granddaddy on Christmas morning 1982. Only a month after my grandmommy had passed away, my granddaddy did everything (and apparently bought everything) to ensure we all had a happy holiday.

So here's to you granddaddy. I hope you have a wonderful 82nd birthday with many more to come. I only wish we could be there to celebrate your special day with you. You are my hero and I love you more than words can say.


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Dawn said...

That giant E.T. cracks me up!!

And, I'm so jealous you got that cute house!! What a Christmas you had.

I loved hearing the story behind the picture as well.

Melinda said...

Dawn - that was Mr. Warbucks' mansion from Annie. If you look close enough you can see Annie falling down the steps and Punjab downstairs near the white fireplace. I loved that house! Wish I still had it. I bet its worth some money these days : )

Amber said...

Melinda- That is such a sweet post. You're fortunate to still have your grandfather. It sounds like he's a great man.

As for the chains on my blog, we make 1 link for each day up until Christmas. I cut papers about 3 inches long and about 1 inch wide, and the girls color them. Then we loop them 1 inside the next , and staple them shut (I've used glue before, but stapling is much faster and cleaner). We hang them up somewhere, then each day they break off one link. Once they get to the last link, its Christmas!

They love it, and its a pretty easy but fun project for us. Take pictures if you do it! -Amber

Stacey said...

Melinda, that picture is PRECIOUS!!!! You haven't changed a bit!!! How is it you are really not aging??? Seriously!! Very adorable...

Melinda said...

Thanks Amber! We made some chains today but I love your idea of having one for each day until Christmas. We may have to wait until next year though since we will be asking Santa to visit us early so that we can go to NY to visit the 'rents.

Stacey - you are too sweet. I wish I wasn't aging (or gaining weight) but as Josh would say you can wish in one hand and...well, I'd better not finish that thought - it's a little get the picture though (lol).

Daniele said...

Your picture is adorable, I could only find one from when I was little but I will be sharing a few from the boys past Christmas' in the next couple weeks.

Shawna Byrd said...

Its so neat that Jack shares a b-day with your grandfather! Love the pic, Staceys right, you still have that same look!

Melinda said...

It must be the chipmunk cheeks (lol).

Brandon Family said...

Too cute! Your grandpa sounds amazing! To go out and do all the shopping?! Wow! And the ET is pretty cool. I have to agree with others that you look just the same! Only I bet the PJs don't fit any longer!

Melinda said...

They might fit my big toe...maybe ; )