Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy reading

Welcome family and friends to the Brookshire family blog site. Since posting pictures to our Shutterfly site just doesn't seem sufficient enough anymore, we have decided to start journaling portions of our day-to-day life, so that all of you can watch as our family continues to grow - spiritually, intellectually and physically, that is, NOT in numbers.

Supposedly blogging has been around for quite sometime but for some reason our household is just now catching up with the 21st century...yay us! Amidst this site we will post pictures, video, stories, and much more that we feel worthy of publicly recording.

We really hope that all of you will come back and visit our site often as we attempt to share our experiences and milestones with you. We only wish you were all here to share in each and every one of these "little moments" that make up our lives.


Mary said...

Hey, Melinda~
What a GREAT idea and what GREAT pictures. Hope I can figure this out and do it. Wish I had done it when we moved to KY to document our time here. This was to be special time with our KY kids, but we always ultimately planned to return to our roots in Atlanta. We'll be moving back the end of Sept--bittersweet for us. We wish we could be in both places at the same time. Looking forward to keeping up with y'all. Your pix are great.
Love ya bunches~

Amy said...

I found your blog after seeing the post on facebook. Welcome to the blogging world! Your boys are precious! I remember seeing you last summer when you were big and preggie- how time does fly! You may have seen my blog before- if not, head on over to for an unpdate on our lives. Good to reconnect!