Monday, August 25, 2008

Candid competition

Since we have lived in Hinton, I have enjoyed entering some of my photos in the Hinton Fair's Photography Contest. First prize gets a blue ribbon and $5 for each category, second - a red ribbon and $3, and third - a white ribbon and $1. More than anything it is just fun to show off some of your photos and what little talent (or a lot of talent in some peoples' cases) you might possess.

Hundreds of photos are submitted and then judged. I tend to do okay every year even though the photographs from others are fantastic! This year proved no different except that people are really upping their game.

I had not planned on posting this; but my mom was asking me about it the other day. So here are some of my photos that took home ribbons:
1st prize in the Scenic category
1st prize in the Misc. category
3rd prize in the Misc. category
3rd prize in the Action category

Hmmm...I wonder if my $12 will buy me a zoom lens or PhotoShop 3?!


Liz Brack said...

I think you had a some great pictures in the fair entries. Also of the fair!!
You evidently know how to work your photoshop.... soooo I need some lessons. I keep meaning to find a photoshop for dummies book.
Have a great week.
Liz Brack

Melinda said...

Thanks Liz. You too had some wonderful photos!

As for photoshop...I only wish I had it. It is on my Christmas wish list. Maybe if I am really good this year, Santa will leave it for me under the tree : )

Stacey said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I remember going to the Hinton Fair...the homemade ice cream booth was always the best!!! :)

Do you like Photoshop better than Paint Shop Pro? I have PSP, but if you think Photoshop is better I might have to add that to my Christmas list! :)

Melinda said...

Stacey - I haven't used PSP so I can't compare the two; but I used PhotoShop in college while working on my journalism major. PhotoShop is AWESOME but really tricky to use. Even after having used it in college I still don't know EVERYTHING it can do(and it can do A LOT).

My brother read this post the other day and sent me a link to download "Gimp" which operates similar to PhotoShop but it's FREE; whereas PhotoShop is rather expensive!

Stacey said...

I'll have to find Gimp and give that a try. I'm up for anything that is free for sure! I didn't know you were a journalism major! I was on the other side of communications...broadcast journalism. But I'm always looking for other editing programs to work on designs for my shop; it's my selfish hobby that keeps me from mommy burnout.

Melinda said...

I saw your shop...too cute. I was thinking about starting my own little business venture as well.

Here is the actual e-mail from my brother with the sites listed. Hope it helps:

"hey melinda

saw on your blog something about wanting photoshop. it's expensive, but there are free, open-source alternatives. you could try gimp (, or if you already know photoshop, gimpshop is the same program made to look and operate just like photoshop ( anyway, these may be too much for you to deal with, but you could download and install and see if they meet your photo needs.


Stacey said...

Thanks Melinda! You're awesome...I'm going to go check those out!!! :)