Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

Tomorrow is Beau's first birthday, so what better way to commemorate his special day than to post pictures of him this time last year?

I cannot believe my baby is already turning one. I am honestly having such a hard time with this little milestone in his life. With Jack, I knew there would be another child in our future (God willing); but with Josh and I still back and forth on whether or not we want more kids, Beau's birthday is proving a lot more of an emotional thing for me.

This birthday, for me anyway, signifies the possible ending to our having babies in the house...the end of a chapter in our lives, if you will. Don't get me wrong...I am so excited for Beau to begin this new phase in his life. I am thrilled to see him experience the world and all that it has to offer and I am anxious to see the man he will eventually become; I just hate that it is all happening so fast.

Since stopping the clock doesn't seem to be an option, I pray daily that Josh and I are setting the type of example that will lead our boys to be successful, happy, and more than anything godly, gracious and loving men.


Devin said...

Your post almost brought tears to my eyes this morning. We too are constantly going back and forth on having a third. With every new stage, I think it can't get any better, but the thought of no more babies or toddlers running around is sad to me. Have a great day, and enjoy Beau's first birthday!

Amy said...

I wanted to say exactly what the first commenter said. That is a sobering thought. Others have said you just know when you don't want any more kids. So maybe that means you'll take that journey one more time!

Stacey said...

That was beautiful, and I have to say I feel the exact same way. We're alot alike in that we have two little boys...actually 3 if you count the husbands :). That's a lot of testosterone in the house! Norman got snipped, so we are still tossing around our original plan of adoption, but at least for now, we're done on the babies subject. Very sad in some ways...not only is it a new chapter for the little ones, but a big new chapter for us as well. You have a gorgeous family and are doing a good job with the little ones!! Sorry for writing a boook... :)