Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I must have a thing for Joshes

Okay, so while I am in the mood to review things, I thought I would tell you about a new musician I am head over heels in love with. Actually, he is not that new - his first album debuted in 2006 but he has just recently topped the iTunes charts with the release of his new album Simple Times.

His name is Joshua Radin and he has the most amazing voice and beautiful lyrics to boot. One of my favorite songs is "I'd Rather Be With You," unfortunately it was not available for me to put on my playlist. However, I have included a few of his other songs (at the bottom of the page). If you enjoy some of the other music I play on this site, along with artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Norah Jones, you are sure to love Radin's soothing voice.

Let me know what you think - not only about Radin but also about these reviews. Are you interested in what I read and listen to or would you rather I not include posts like this? Be honest, I promise my feelings won't be hurt [at least not for long : )].


Nick and April said...

I liked Radin's stuff. I haven't heard of him before. We have a lot of the same taste in music. Do you like Jason Mraz? He is one of my new favorites.

Melinda said...

I do like Jason Mraz...and have for quite some time. If fact, Radin's music reminds me alot of Mraz's but there is something so eandearing about Radin's lyrics.

Newberry said...

I really like this music. I sometimes minimize your blog while I am on the computer so I can listen to your music! Thanks for the recommendation.