Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best in show

I am officially a dork for posting about a television show; but if you haven't caught an episode of Eli Stone, you are missing out on quite possibly the best show on TV right now.

In a world where religion and morality seem to be dying concepts, Eli Stone offers a breath of fresh air. I don't know if the show is Biblically based, in fact I rather doubt it (it still has its "earthly" moments); but the fact that something on television is even putting out there the concept of "something greater" than all of us, is definitely a step in the right direction. Tonight's episode was amazing, and I'm sorry for all of those who missed it.

Here is a quote from this evening's show that absolutely floored me: "I think you're missing having a sense of the divine in your everyday life. I think you're less happy now than when your life was occasionally upended by the fantastic. I think grace fulfilled you in a way you didn't even know you needed...and the only thing crazy about you is the fact that you don't seem to realize that."

Eli Stone airs Tuesdays at 9 pm central time on "abc".

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