Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

I guess that most of my Halloween photos are at my mom's house in New York, so I am left with posting photos of more recent Halloweens. I will have to remember to grab some old photos next time I am up there.

This photo is of Jack's second Halloween and Brynnley's third, taken back in 2006. I guess we were going for some kind of Disney theme seeing as how Brynnley is dressed as Minnie Mouse and Jack as Chicken Little.


Shawna Byrd said...

So cute! I love Halloween. It is so fun to dress your kid up. Let me tell you a little secret. I kind of wish I could still dress up, too!

Melinda said...

One of us should throw an adult Halloween party next year!

Stacey said...

I thought I commented on this already, but I didn't!!! I love the chicken little costume...I've never seen that before!!! And what a sweet minnie mouse!

Shawna, I would totally dress up too!!! Last year I had a costume and everything but my other adult friends bailed on me since it was so cold and we were going to be outside!! Killjoys!! :)

Melinda, if you throw an adult party next year, I'm totally there... :)