Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Home Before Dark"

Home Before Dark is the name of Neil Diamond's new album - pretty ironic seeing as how his concert didn't even start until 8 pm Sunday evening.

That's right people, Josh and I went to see Neil Diamond in concert! We got free tickets through Josh's work and decided to take advantage of them. Besides, it was a great excuse for the two of us to hang out...without the kids.

I was really hoping to post some of my own photos with this, but I'm just too dumb to transfer them from the cell phone to the computer; oh well, they weren't that great anyway. The concert on the other hand was pretty good. Sadly, I knew most of the songs and was able to sing along (much to the chagrin of Josh and those unfortunate souls sitting near me).

The best part of the concert was when Mr. Diamond sang "America" (also known as "Coming to America"). I have always loved that song but when these cute little Oriental women seated in front of me sang along, the song became more than just words and a melody. It became one of those moments in time that will not soon be forgotten, because in that moment, I appreciated the struggles that the parents or grandparents of those two women went through to get to this country, to provide a better life than the one they knew back east. The word amazing doesn't even begin to capture that moment for me.

After the concert was over, despite my being exhausted (goes to show you how old I'm getting) we went and played darts and simply hung out for a little while longer. We really did have a great time and are talking about making a mandatory date night once a month. Knowing us though, what starts out as good intentions usually ends up being just that - intentions. Life simply seems to get in the way of us placing our relationship as a top priority. Maybe one day...

*photo from Nothing to Do In L.A


Daniele said...

My mother-in-law was going last night with Doug's grandmother, aunt and uncle, I am sure they had fun. As for the date night, we are still trying to do that but only get to on our anniversary and if we are lucky Valentine's Day.

Newberry said...

Awww! Thanks for sharing your story. It's so cool when you have moments of realization like that. Hopefully you and Josh will get to keep up the date nights!