Friday, October 31, 2008

Party animals

Mother's Day Out celebrated Halloween with a fall party yesterday. The teachers dressed up:

What could be more terrifying than a Doctor to a child? Beau who usually LOVES Mrs. Kimball refused to go to her yesterday morning.
And Jack said to Ms. Taylor, "Ms. Taylor, you look beautiful today" sweet, but I am a little worried about his perception of beauty.
As for the rest of the day, the kids enjoyed goodies like cookies, cupcakes and punch (they had a nice little sugar rush going on when they got home). There was also face painting, games, and pumpkin decorating; but neither Jack nor Beau made it home with either a pumkin or a painted face - why, I don't know. Never-the-less, they really seemed to have had a great time and once the sugar rush wore off, it was hello nap time!


Newberry said...

Oh, my! That is too funny. I would have never thought about the repercussions of dressing like a doctor in a room full of kids!

Devin said...

How funny! I'm glad they had a good time and got their tummies full of sugar!