Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The live experience

This weekend was all about the live experiences.


Friday night I was able to meet an incredible group of Oklahoma women bloggers (thanks Dawn and Michelle for the above picture). They all live on the other side of the state; but being able to take our friendships from virtual to real was well worth the 2 and 1/2 hour drive (not to mention the $12.30 in tolls).

From Left to right: Maggie from Maggie's Mind, myself, and DeeBee from Rain or Shine

Coordinated by Dawn of Dawn's Diversions and Michelle from The Froggy Bottom Blog, the turnout proved a huge success. I think there was a total of fourteen girls in attendance and many of those women have also been nominated for Okie Blogger Awards:

So please remember to cast your votes before February 7th. All of these women and myself would really appreciate your votes.

To continue my live experience weekend, Sunday evening Nana Robin and Papa Chip treated everyone to Walking With Dinosaurs.


The show was incredible, even for someone like me who is not really into that kind of stuff. It was really amazing how real and life-like these dinosaurs appeared to be.



The kids (all three of them) were enamored by it all,


Jack especially;


But Beau liked it too as long as someone kept stuffing his face with food.


And when he wasn't eating cotton candy or chocolate covered nuts, he was chewing on his new friend.



Newberry said...

How cool! I'm glad you got to do that, and that it was such a good experience.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh that get together looked like such fun, maybe I'll make it another time. The show looks fun too and you can see the kiddo's were enthralled!

Michelle said...

I had such a great time getting to know you. I had a great time. My mom is taking my kids to see the dinosaurs this Saturday night. It looks awesome and it also looks like your boys had a great time.

Amber said...

Oh how fun! I would have loved to have went and met some of the women I talk with through blogging!

I wanted to take Courtney to the dinosaur thing, but we never got a chance.

Hope you are staying warm in this cold, icy weather

Dawn said...

Awww.. I'm so happy you made the long trip to T-Town. It was just awesome to get to meet you. Like I said before, you are just darling.

I'm glad the kids liked the Dinosaur show. It looks incredible!!

Stacey said...

Awwww HOW FUN!!! First of all, I know that it had to be awesome to meet all the girls! I've been on a parenting board for about 5 years and known most of the ladies for that long, and moving around in the military has given me the chance to get to live near some of them and have them be "real life" friends!!! It's amazing to meet people you really grow to care for over the world wide web!

Secondly...where in the world is that show??!! Is it at the Omniplex? Or was it like a buy tickets thing at the Ford Center??? That looks awesome! Is it going to be in town long???

Lolli said...

How fun that you were able to go to that conference!

And, my mom was JUST telling me about taking my nephews to the walking with dinosaurs show today! How funny that you went too!

Melinda said...

Stacey - the show was at the Ford Center and I am not real sure how long it is playing there but as you can see from Michelle's comment, it looks like she may be going this coming weekend and she lives up near T-town. You should check it out. Your boys would love it. It is called "Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience" It teaches a lot on evolution but probably no more than what the kids hear in school.

DeeBee said...

Forget the kids wanting to see the dinosaurs... IIIIII want to see that show! How great that you saw it and the pictures are wonderful.

misty said...

i think the show looked really cool but thought it might be scary for the boys. by your pictures i was wrong! maybe they will come back next year!

Melinda said...

Misty - there were a couple of "loud" moments esp. when the T-Rex came out. Jack (my 4-yr-old) covered his ears but it didn't even phase Beau (my 1-yr-old).

♥georgie♥ said...

it was great meeting you!!! I so want to see that show it comes to Tulsa jan 29th i think

maggie's mind said...

The meet up really was so much fun. Glad we got to chat!

Love the pictures of the dinosaur event, too. Looks like good times.

6HappyHearts said...

Ok I'm so bummed I was at the other end of the table & we didn't get to visit : (
I had NO idea you were down the "toll way" ; ) I was wondering how you got to see the Dino Live show all ready?!
Next time we will have to have a girls night at a hotel or something closer to YOU!
I'm bummed we are missing the dino's!
Great shots from the show!!!

MelissaC said...

It was nice meeting you Friday night even though we didn't get to really chat. Next time Dawn plans something, we'll have to "work the room" a little better. :)

Devin said...

I'm glad you had a good time at your blog get together. I would have loved to have met up with you.

Amy said...

I envy your time to devote to blogging! It pays off because your blog is great and I enjoy reading it.

Lillian wanted to go to the dinosaur show. Unfortunately, we didn't fit it in the schedule. It looks as awesome as it promised to be!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

How much fun! I can't wait until Thomas gets old enough and I can take him to see the dinosaur show.