Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

March's assignment: Sports and Recreation. It's time to dig deep into those photos and find some pictures of yourself or your kids playing a sport, dancing, ice skating, playing chess...or darts...or pool...or whatever it is that floats your boat. I am dying to see what photos you all end up posting. This should be a really fun month.

I have always been a girly-girl. At the age of four, I took up the sport of ice skating. My mom had taken me to an ice rink in Georgia where she placed those ugly blue rental skates on my feet and sent me on my way.

At first I was quite timid and grasped onto the walls for dear life as my feet glided along the ice below. All of that quickly changed though when I saw a boy about my age skating around in the middle of the rink. My competitive side came out and quickly there after, I was skating laps around him, or so I’m told.

It was at that point that one of the coaches at the rink walked up to my mom and asked her how long I had been skating. She laughed and said “About five minutes”. He introduced himself as Allan and said, “I’m her new skating coach”.

That’s all it took. For years I devoted my life (and my parents devoted their wallet) to this beautiful sport. And when I went off to college I too took on coaching. It was only when Jack was born that I gave it up for good. I miss it every now and then but am so thankful that I get to stay at home with my boys.

The following photo is from one of my first competitions.skate

And this is a photo of some of my skating friends and me (I’m the one in the back with the bangs) standing with one of my first coaches, Allan


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Anonymous said...

Look at you, you little figure skater!!! Great photo!!!
I'm scared to go back and dig through some of "MY" old photos :)
Have a great weekend!!

Lolli said...

Look how little you are! ;) I went along the same lines today!

~ A Moxie Mom said...

I still am astonished and impressed that you started so young! Those photos are very sweet.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Figure skating was my thing too...not sure I have any photos tho because when I was younger we moved and the movers lost pictures of me as a kid...=( so, I will look at yours with excitement this week!

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

What great and sweet photo's!!!

Jenny said...

Great photos. I wish I would have learned how to ice skate. I love watching it.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love this. You were so cute. Do you ever take the boys skating?

Melinda said...

Eyeglasses & Endzones - I am so sorry that you have lost all of your photos. Money was a little tight when I started out so my mom had to sell my first pair of skates and competition dress to pay for the next. I am sad I still don't have those things, so I can't imagine what it feels like to not even have the photos from those fun times.

Life With Kaishon - I have taken Jack skating once. I think he spent most of the time lying on the ice or asking me to carry him while I skated fast. I will try to remember to post photos of that day during this month.

Heather Alvarez said...

Oh the memories! Do you know one of my memories of you and the good ol' ice-skating days was being on an out of town competition no telling which one; we played the game "BS" for HOURS! I remember you being such a good person you changed the name of the game to "BC" because "BS" was offensive. I know it's the smallest thing but I always remembered that about you... what an example you were to me and all the other skaters!

Melinda said...

Heather, although you just made me sound like the biggest prude in the world (lol), I can't thank you enough for the kind words - seriously one of the nicest compliments anyone has ever given me. Those were definitely the good ol' days!! Miss you, girl!!

theArthurClan said...

Hey Melinda - would you mind sending me an email at our iheartfaces account? Thank you. :)


Stacey said...

Awww I love those photos!!! I would love to have seen you skate; I know you must miss it terribly sometimes.

I'm having to sit out on these Flashback Fridays because I don't have access to my picture files until my computer gets fixed. :( But I'll enjoy yours in the meantime... Miss seeing you girly!

Devin said...

Those photos are so adorable. All my old sports photos are at my parents house, so I don't have any to post:(

Debbie said...

Look at how darn cute you were! I love seeing these photos of you.