Monday, March 16, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box

The weather here has been absolutely crazy…of course, what else is new? After all, we are talking about Oklahoma here.

Last Monday the temps were in the 80s. The sun was shining and it felt like spring.

Then by Thursday, we received a ton of snow…well, a ton for us anyway. The boys were so excited. So when they got home from their Mother’s Day Out program, I dressed them in “snow” clothes and took them out to the backyard to play.

Everything was going great. Jack was making snow angelsDSC_0057DSC_0059   and playing with his truck.DSC_0062 And the boys even somewhat cooperated (of course never at the same time) for a few pics. DSC_0066

DSC_0074 Beau is now into waving at the cameraDSC_0083  and Jack, well, he’s just… Jack. At one moment he’ll cheese  for youDSC_0072 and the next minute he’s…well…he’s gone. He’s gotten bored with the whole pic thing and has moved on to something else.DSC_0080  What can I say? He’s four… and a boy : )

Anyway, like I said, things were great and then…Beau decided to go for a swim…in the mud (excuse the blurry photo, I was debating on whether to take the pic or to scoop him up…the pic obviously won out but I think I was trying to do both)DSC_0089 Needless to say that was the end of our outdoor play time and by the next day the snow had melted away.

Since then it has been chilly and overcast and the boys are still dying to be outside. So much so, that they have even taken to creating their own indoor playground.


Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

Love, love the video. If you click on the word Parents as Teachers it will take you to the website.

Mandy, Dustin and Thomas said...

P.S. Thank you so much for the kind words.

On another note, if you don't want to read the info on the website it a nutshell Parents as Teachers will help prepare Thomas for Kindergraten

A quote from thier website
"Parents as Teachers program were better prepared to enter kindergarten than those who did not participate in the program.

Life with Kaishon said...

You really are a fantastic mother! I am glad to know you. I hope some of your fantisticacity wears off on me!

Heidi said...

how fun! i love the mud pic!

Stacey said...

hehe how cute!!! :) Sweet boys!

Dot O said...

Very ingenious idea for your little guy to come up with. Looks like a lot of fun!

Sally's World said...

I'm new to your just wanted to say hi, and its great and what cuties!!!

Debbie said...

You gotta love this time of year when you never know what the weather will bring. Great photos.

Barbara said...

Great photos, your boys sound like mine impossible to get them both to cooperate at the same time. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I came over to say hi and am loving your blog!