Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday

May’s assignment: Since so many people get married during the month’s of May and June, I have designated May’s theme as “Going To The Chapel”. So get out photos of your wedding, your sibling’s wedding, your best friend’s wedding; heck, you can even post photos of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and honeymoons if you’d like (just remember to keep them family friendly).

The wedding…finally (and yes, the post is long again but I promise that this time it is mostly pictures):

Josh and I were married on June 1, 2002. wedding photos 014

Yes, I realize our anniversary is Monday. No, as of right now we have no plans. Apparently, according to Josh, it is my year to make the celebratory arrangements. I, however, always thought that was the man’s job. See what seven years of marriage does to a couple…we can’t agree on anything anymore…actually, that has nothing to do with being married for seven years – we’ve never been able to agree on anything : )more wedding 006 Well, we do agree that our wedding was a blast. I am sure every bride says that, but mine really was. Friends and family drove and flew from all over the country to be there on our and friends (and this is just a pic of some of my side of the family hanging out at my parent’s house afterwards)

Many of them even took part in the event: My uncle married us, my dad gave me away, Josh’s dad served as his best man,more wedding 002Josh’s uncle and my brothers were Josh’s groomsmen and jr. groomsman, my sister and my sister-in-law were my bridesmaids, my cousins served as my jr. bridesmaid and my flower girl, more wedding 004 my Granddad read some scripture,scripture reading and one of my other cousins sang during the ceremony.more wedding 001 It was truly a family affair; which is exactly what we wanted.

Afterwards, we took the obligatory photosJosh's fam(Josh’s fam) my fam(my fam)

and then it was off the the reception which was held at the Christian college where Josh and I graduated from.

We did all the usual stuff: drinking the punch and cutting the cake,cutting the cake throwing the garter and the bouquet (which coincidentally my sis caught and needless to say my dad was not a happy camper).more wedding 007 We also had dancing, which is kind of funny because since our wedding the college has now put in the rental agreement that there is to be no dancing. It wasn’t in the agreement at the time, so technically we didn’t break any rules…we just might have stretched them a little : )

We were really a little nervous about the whole dancing thing not only because of the school’s disapproval but my Granddad’s as well. But I LOVE to dance so we figured we’d go ahead and test the waters. As far as my Granddad was concerned, it turned out our worries were more than needless…g-daddy he ended up being the life of the party and was showing us all a thing or two on the dance floor (love ya, Granddaddy!!)g-daddy2 Anyway, Josh and I shared our first dance (it consisted of two-stepping to “I Won’t Dance” by Frank Sinatra) more wedding 008 but after that I was left to dance and socialize with my friends and family because if you couldn’t tell by the title of our first dance song or the death grip I had on Josh’s arm, Josh HATES to (Jayna, Mandy, Me and Lynn)

My cousins surprised us by singing us a songmore wedding 005 and we even had a few celebrity appearances: Kenny Rogers, Morgan Freeman and Sonny Bono were all in attendance.celebrity look-alikes (my uncle Leonard, one of the caterers, and my dad)

The whole evening really was just one fun blur - filled with family, friends, laughter and love.more wedding 003 ********************************************

Since this post is already too long, you’ll have to wait until July to see honeymoon pics. I bet you can’t guess from this pic where we went : ) just mauid


Thanks everyone for joining in this month. It has been so fun seeing your wedding photos. As for next month’s theme…

June’s theme: “The Buddy System” – I want to see pictures of you and your friends or your kids and their friends and then reminisce on why that photo, that person, and/or that time in your life was/is so special.

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Stacey said...

Love your Flashback Friday's. I posted my first one.

Mandy said...

Great pics! I love that one of the four of us, we had so much fun at your wedding! I remember being called out over the microphone to participate in the bouquet toss, I think Jayna and I were hiding behind a column!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love these pictures Melinda! I really feel like you are my real life friend because I am sharing all these life events with you : ) I hope you can go away for a little bit on your anniversary. That would be nice. I can't join because we don't have even one wedding picture. We went to the Justice of the Peace.

Stacey said...

Hehe there's another Stacey spelled just like me!!! I will do my FF after we get back from the park...the boys just don't understand why this blogging is so dang important!!!

I love your wedding were BEAUTIFUL! You still are, but the wedding dress just makes you that much MORE beautiful! I love weddings...I wanna get married again!

Jayspee27 said...

Mel! I LOVED your wedding! We had so so much fun!!! And yes, we were hiding behind a pillar and yes, you had the dj call us out, but I still love you! :) I ADORE that pic of the 4 of us. It's one of my faves! I miss you and love you! I'm glad to have you in my life and your Flashback Fridays!

Sarah @ said...

It looks like it must have been SO MUCH FUN! =) Also, in case I miss it because it happens on a Monday and my brain doesn't function until Thursday or Friday AT LEAST: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Baloney said...

I loved hearing about your wedding. The Doc won't dance with me either.
I just might participate in Flashback Fridays with you for June. I keep forgetting about them. By the time I remember, I've already posted for the day. :)

Jenny said...

I love how you walked us thru every aspect of the wedding. Great photos and I love your dress, very pretty.

Kimberly said...

This was a fun month..even if I joined late. I'm looking forward to June..cause I am out of wedding photos.
After seeing all of the other wedding photos posted, it has occurred to be to go buy a dress and have pictures taken..just so I have the pretty pictures everyone else has. Maybe for our 10 year anniversary..which isn't that far away.

Alisha said...

It was fun looking at your pictures and reading about your wedding. I noticed no one else asked I might be a little slow, but how come there was debate on dancing at a wedding reception? Just curious...