Friday, July 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

July’s theme: Holiday Road. Post photos of past vacations.

One of our favorite places in the world to vacation is Maui. The mid-80 degree temperatures, the light breeze, the sand, the waves, the palm trees…they are all right up my alley.6172-R1-13-11A Unfortunately the high-priced plane tickets are not, so we don’t get out there near as much as we would like.

Josh and I went there on our honeymoon for a week and then for two weeks when I was pregnant with Jack. But since my scanner is still not working, I am posting some pics of when Jack, who was a year and a half at the time, my mom and I all went out there for a relaxing little getaway.6175-R1-01-23A

We discovered our own little private beach where Jack could run around in his birthday suit…


Well birthday suit plus swimmies : )


My mom is probably going to kill me for posting a picture of her in a bathing suit but I just think this next one is too cute. Besides, my mom looks great in a bathing suit! 6173-R1-18-6A

We went on a sunset cruise where Jack proved to be the life of the party by dancing the night away and telling anyone who was carrying a beverage “Cheers!”, which coincidentally was just about everyone. 6172-R1-09-15 6175-R1-10-14A


Stacey said...

Looks like he enjoyed himself!

I'm beginning to think that I am the only one that has not been to Hawaii.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

What a great trip....

Christy said...

Aww how sweet! That is such ammo for his future girlfriends :)

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

LOL....when my kids were sprouts we lived near a beach and often they would sport their bday suits. They loved it!

Your scenery pics are gorgeous!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your pictures so much. And I love your adventures. And I love that your Mom looks great in her bathing suit. Although, wouldn't it have been nicer if you were all in your birthday suits like Jack. Now that would have been a VERY special blog picture! : )