Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Terrific twos

I’m using a little reverse psychology with that blog title…I’m thinking that if I entitle this post that way, rather than “The Terrible Twos” maybe I can will the “terrific” part into being, because as you can see....dish detergent (yes, that is a box of dish detergent and the next photo is of Beau after he snuck a couple of Oreo cookies)oreo cookie face for web we’re already off to a rough start.

So, as if you couldn’t tell (by the above photos or even by my lack of blog posting lately), life around the Brookshire household has been chaos. We have celebrated two birthdays in the past week – mine (I celebrated the second anniversary of my 29th birthday – long live 29!!) and Beau’s.Blowing out the candlesPoor Beau is obviously my second child. One can tell by the low key birthday I just threw him. Usually I send out cute invitations, this time it was a tacky Facebook invite and phone calls.Mmm cake Normally, I would buy balloons and a piñata, this time I stuck with the idea that swimmingBeau swimming and playing outsideBeau and Becca was enough entertainment for everyone.

Maybe one day Beau will be mad at me for not throwing him a bigger party but for now, he doesn’t even remember what happened an hour ago.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh! This is such a great post! I just love the Oreo cookie face...and that terrible 2 stuff...BAH Humbug....talk to me when your stove door blows off...LOL!!! ;) Great photos!!!

Stacey said...

Ha! love the oreo face! He probably thought you wouldn't notice.

LONG LIVE 29! I have been 29 for awhile now. :(

Baloney said...

Thirty isn't so bad. I kinda liked it?
Happy Birthday!
You remember that the Terrific Twos are followed by the even more Terrific Threes. Right?
Sorry to be the Debbie Downer (wah, waaaaah).
Looks like the perfect 2 year old party. All the things a kiddo loves.

Kristin said...

Excellent! I have finally figured out myself that fb & email invitations are just fine. And a cake from the store is just as good as a home made one (well, that one I have a little more difficulty with!) Very cute pix. As were the ones on the last post- will you come to RI and photograph us?? JK- thay are beautiful though!!

Debbie said...

Good for you! I am convinced that kids like the low key things better. Mostly because we stay less stressed!

Natalie Hudkins said...

Your terrific two year old sounds very similar to mine!
I think #2 has even more frustrations since they want to do everything big brother is doing. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

This makes me laugh. And laugh. And laugh. : ) We have one of those little car thing a ma jigs. Kaishon rode one at Dutch Wonderland so I came home found out where they were sold and went and bought one proto. Only to find out that Gary has no idea how to assemble the handle. Yep. It is still sitting in the garage. Undriven................... Grrrrrrrrrrr.

@nnie said...

boys will be boys.
as they grow older, it's just different things.
lots of fun to look forward to.
now would you really have it any other way? by the way, happy belated birthday!

Proud mom of a boy, Annie

Rachel said...

My favorite was the scooter. Thanks for the laughs.