Monday, December 21, 2009

Bachelorette party

Yes, I am still writing about our trip to Florida for my sister’s wedding. “Why?,” you ask…because that is the way I roll these days. I am late for everything. I don’t have an excuse except that is just the way life seems to be for me right now.

Two nights before the wedding, the 19th of November, I had the pleasure and honor of hosting my sister’s bachelorette party.batch partybatch

Because we like to live on the edge, we partied like rock stars – we went and saw the midnight showing of New Moon!new-moon1

The movie was terribly cheesy, but then again, so am I. In fact, I sort of went crazy (well, as crazy as I could since I didn’t live there) with the whole Twilight theme. From pretty platesplates for web

and Appletinies,martini glass for web

to black candles the table for web

and little chandeliersdecor for web  – it was all a little over the top.

In fact, I even made cake pops that looked like apples!twilight cake pops for web  Again, very cheesy; but they were a huge hit!

**New Moon image borrowed from

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