Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good vs. evil

I think from the following photo you can tell which of my boys made Santa’s nice list and which one made his naughty list.the boys and santa for web

Yes, Jack loves Santa and can’t wait for him to leave a “monster truck that looks like a shark and floats” under the Christmas tree this year.jack and santa for web

Jack has always been enthralled with planes, trains and automobiles.monster truck for web race car for web

Beau likes them too (if they are big enough for him to run over stuff)4 wheeler for web but I’m pretty sure he’d rather have a gun.beau got a gun for web Not really a comforting thought for a mother.

It’s a good thing he is so stinkin’ cute,rocking chair for web because if he wasn’t he’d be in a whole lot of trouble.beau and snowman for web Maybe that’s the problem….


Stacey said...

They are getting so big, and they are super cute!

I'm sure Santa is use to it! Ha!

The McDowells said...

Great pictures as always! My kids loved all the stuff to play with at bass pro too.

Stacey said...

Melinda they are so stinkin' cute!! We LOVE Bass Pro Shop! What an awesome place!

How did our kids get so big? :( They are growing up too fast!