Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the nomination goes to…

boksplash So this time last year, this blog was nominated for an Okie Blog Award. I was thrilled, elated and honored. It didn’t matter that this little piece of cyberspace didn’t win, it was simply the fact that anyone cared enough to nominate “…From The Burbs”in the first place.

Over the past six months, “…From the Burbs” has kind of taken a backseat as I have been rearranging my life to fit around a five-year-old who is now in school full-time, a two-year-old who only goes to school twice-a-week, my constantly under-construction home, and of course my new photography business.

I knew that my personal blog would not be up for an award this year and I was okay with that….really : ) What I wasn’t expecting was to find my photography blog up for an award!twitter sidebar How crazy is that?!?! Of course I am up against the Pioneer Woman of all people and some other really amazing Oklahoma photographers, so there is like zero chance of winning; but again, I am truly honored to even have been nominated for this category.

If you are an Oklahoma blogger, please head on over to http://oklahomablogawards.blogspot.com to check out all of the other categories and nominees. And if you get a chance, place your vote before this Sunday.

Some friends who are also up for awards that I’m sure would also appreciate your vote: Food Blog: Dishin and Dishes

Family Blogs: Dawn’s Diversions and Decisionally Challenged

Rural Blogs: Brit Gal in the USA

Best Tulsa Blog: That’s Baloney!

Food Blog: Dishin and Dishes

(I hope I got everyone, if not leave me a message and I will be sure to add you)


Booklover1212 said...


~ Jennifer

Jenny said...

That is awesome, congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Cognrats! I too am up against Ree..in Best Food Blog, but the great thing is, I've learned who some wonderful Oklahoma bloggers are like you1 :)

Again - your site is beautiful and you deserve the nomination! Congrats

Mandy said...

Yay girl! You're getting so famous! You may be too famous to be my friend anymore. Just let me know, thanks!

Life with Kaishon said...

I was so proud of you when I saw your name Melinda. Like so super proud I couldn't even stand it. I told everyone I know that my friend Melinda was nominated :) Most of them didn't even know what a blog was, but that didn't matter to me : ) I just wanted to revel in your good fortune! Way to go! I hope you do win!

♥Georgie♥ said...

I was one of many(I am sure) that nom'd your photo blog because personally I think you rock...your photos are always leaving me in awe

Melinda said...

Awww, Georgie!!! You are the best! Thank you so much!