Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The ceaseless chaos

And I don’t just mean the weather. jack sled

The phrase “ceaseless chaos” about sums up my life in general over the past few weeks.

You’ve read about my hairy, or rather hairless, situation with Beau and how Jack instigated the whole thing;  but I haven’t subjected you to all of the other “happenings” in a house with two boys….until now.

For some reason, Jack seems to play the lead roll in most of the stories around here; which is weird, because I like to think of him as my mellow child. However, incident after incident has occurred with him as of recently. Maybe it’s because he is five. Maybe it’s because he is a boy. Or maybe it is because I have no idea what I am doing as a mother. Any of those reasons are highly plausible.

It all started a few weeks ago when I went to pick Jack up from school. His teacher informed me he had been sent to the principle’s office for…get this…. peeing in the bathroom. Not in a urinal or a toilette, mind you, but rather in the actual bathroom floor. I got him to the car and immediately started crying. In all my years of school, NEVER was I EVER sent to the principle’s office (yes, I was somewhat of a goodie-goodie). So how I was to handle my son’s being sent in for discipline in only his first year of school was beyond me.

We talked about it for a long while with him insisting over and over again that he didn’t know why he did it, only that he “just did.” Until finally, after 20 minutes of my crying episode and trying to get to the bottom of such out-of-character behavior on his part did he finally say, “But mom, there’s a drain in the bathroom, don’t-cha know?”

Leave it to the plumber’s kid to think it is okay to pee in the drain on the bathroom floor. I called the school to make sure we were not having a lying problem as well. With a laugh, the teacher and the principle both assured me that he had peed near the drain and that come-to-think of it, he probably was not the first…just the first to be caught.

Next on the list, was a purple play-doh issue. Jack woke up screaming one night about his ear hurting and with as many problems as we’ve endured with Beau’s ears, I assumed that it was an ear infection. The next morning I took Jack to the doctor who discovered he had shoved a whole bunch of purple play-doh in his ear. It had hardened and had to be scraped and flushed out.

Then came the hair issue.

Then Monday Jack was sent to the principle’s office again. This time for acting up while the teacher was gone. The principle assured us that it wasn’t a big deal. He is a good and smart boy whom teacher’s expect a lot out of and when he acted up on Monday, along with everyone else, he was the one that got reprimanded….at least that is what the principle said.

Today, I received yet another call from the school. This time to inform me that Jack was sick. They asked me to come and pick him up and bring clothes when I did. (Baloney, you will totally love this story! for the rest of you it is probably TMI – but, that’s how I roll these days).

When I got to the school, I was directed to the nearest boys bathroom, which coincidentally had a “Bathroom Closed” sign handing on the door; and upon entering, there was Jack sitting naked from the waist down on a stool loaded down with paper towels and baby wipes. To be honest, it was one of the funniest and saddest things I had ever seen. Had I had my phone with me, I totally would have taken a picture.

Apparently a major case of diarrhea had gotten the better of Jack along with all of his clothes and shoes.

Like I said….ceaseless chaos!! Maybe by finally getting this all out in the open, life around here will calm down….I’m not holding my breath though.Crazy Mom


jen@odbt said...

Oh girl. I feel for you and I thought I was having a hard week dealing with lice (eww). Poor Jack. Poor you. I like your "ceaseless chaos" phrase. Seems to sum up most of our lives :) Hope today is quiet.

Jenny said...

Both of my nephews got sent to the principals office their first year of school..One for peeing on another kid because he did not like him and the other for starting a food fight..My brother was mortified but we all laughed :)

And the diarrhea I have been there with my son, his first week of school I got the same call.

Amanda said...

Must Be a full "pee" moon, my benji whipped it out to pee on the playground yesterday, and stuck it out the chain link fence. This wasn't in "what to expect..."

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness Melinda! I would've cried too probably! I'm sure you're handling it with grace though!

Melinda said...

Mandy - define grace : )

Stacey said...

Bless your heart!!! Haha @ "define grace"!! Keep hanging in there...I am absolutely sure that it's a "boy" thing. :) They live to push limits!