Saturday, July 5, 2008

In God We Trust

Out here in small town America, the Fourth of July is bigger than Christmas. I don't know if it is the sense of patriotism and pride in our great country that is embedded from birth in these people or if it is just the mere fact that boys (and men) enjoy blowing things up, but either way you choose to look at it, there is no denying that the Fourth is taken very seriously out here.

There is no parade, but everyone dresses for the occassion. There are no formal invitations sent out, but no fewer than 30 people show up at Nana and Papa Brookshire's home every year - all bearing food and homemade ice cream. And although there is no "official" fireworks show out here, I can say with complete confidence that when all added together, there is easily a thousand dollars blown-up in one form or another - and that is just at our "little" shin-dig.

Although fun, the Fourth of July is a mother's worst nightmare. All safety precautions and just plain common sense are thrown out the window and for one evening (and one evening only) Daddy gets to take over. From playing in the street with firecrackers to teaching three-year-olds how to light the dangerous little things and then run like crazy, the Fourth of July is an accident waiting to happen - once again this year, I am happy to report that luckily we had no such accidents.

This year was Beau's first Fourth and his last time to still be somewhat safe. Next year, he too will be inducted into the "Boys Club."

Jack, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran. He, like his daddy, loves to blow things up. This year, Jack's favorite firecrackers were the Monster Trucks - you know, the ones that shoot sparks out the back and zip unpredictably along the ground. Jack especially took great delight and pride in these little trucks if they caught on fire or blew-up at the end.

Anyway, I am obviously glad the fifth is here and that all of my family's body parts are still intact. So Happy 5th of July everyone and please remember to keep my family's safety in your prayers as the Fourth of July 2009 is only 364 days away.


Melinda said...

An E-mail from Haley:
"Hey Chickie! Thanks for the email about your blog. It was so fun to see your photos and read of your recent adventures...It is a great way for me to be able to stay in touch with what y'all are doing."

Melinda said...

An E-mail from Ashley:
"Love the new blog, especially the description of our 4th of July celebration so accurate! It's like daddy parenting night w/ explosives, kinda scary, but luckily no one ever gets hurt! We probably should have a pre-fireworks prayer!"