Sunday, August 24, 2008

All things Fair

As I stated earlier, the big Hinton Fair has been taking place this weekend and for some reason, the weather always turns out perfect for this event and this year has proved no different.

The boys have had a wonderful time and although Beau is really too young to ride anything by himself, he has happily eaten his way through the fair and has loved watching his brother from the sidelines. I treated him to a ride or two down the blow-up slide (it was a good excuse for me to ride it) and Josh and I both took him on the Merry-Go-Round a couple of times.

As for Jack, he has become quite the little dare-devil. He loves the Ferris Wheel (which I reluctantly had to ride with him once - and only once) and he even rode the Hammer with his daddy. I was sure he wouldn't like it but much to his daddy's chagrin, he didn't want to get off when it finally came to a stop. After riding on the Hammer though, the kiddie rides were of no great significance to him and he kept yelling at all of them to go faster.

Josh forcing Jack off of the Hammer.

Jennifer, Owen, Beau and me on the blow-up slide.

Jack and me before he forced me on the Ferris Wheel.

Jack waiting not so patiently in line for the Ferris Wheel.

The boys and me on the Merry-Go-Round.

Josh and Beau on the kiddie train.

My boys

I apologize for this having been such a long post. I tried to narrow down my picture selection but there were just so many I wanted you all to see. If you would like to see the ones that didn't make this post, head on over to our Shutterfly page, I am slowly but surely getting them downloaded.


Shawna Byrd said...

Love the pics! Jack is so brave for riding the hammer. Looks like mommy and daddy had just as much fun as the boys! Kids are a good excuse to do all the silly things you wanted to do even before they got here, but its so much more fun with them!

Amy said...

Fairs are the best! Yes, the weather was perfect. Warm but not too much.

Melinda said...

Shawna - missed seeing you at the fair and at church this morning. Hope all is well at your house.

Amy - next year you guys should come out for the fair. Your kids would have a blast!

Devin said...

It looks like you are all having such a great time! Your family is too cute! I love small town fairs, I take the girls to my hometown fair almost every year.