Thursday, August 14, 2008

If you're happy and you know it

Wednesday, before playing on the computer, we had to run out to Mountain View to see a house that has the same roof that we are contemplating getting for our own home (long can see our house blog for more details).

Anyway, since we were running a little late (shocking I know) and realized we would not make it back in time for church, we took the boys to a park to swing, slide, and just be boys.

They had such a great time and it was nice for them to get out and about before the forecasted week of rain sets in.

On the way home, Jack told us he was "sooooo glad."

"What are you glad about?" Josh asked.

"I'm just glad...I'm glad I got to play with you, daddy."


Amy said...

Awwwhhh... how cute!

April Price said...

Your boys are so cute! Long time no see. Glad to stumble upon your blog!