Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emotional transition

I have been an emotional wreck lately. With Beau celebrating his first birthday, my turning 29 (again) at the end of this week and the thought of Jack going off to school this time next year, I decided I need some kind of transitional period; and a little down time for me to wrap my mind around and pray about all of the life-changes that are being thrown my way isn't such a bad thing either.

So today I dropped Jack off at Mom's Day Out, aka: pre-school. He will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 until 12:30 and Beau will get to go on Thursdays for the same amount of time. Although it was really hard for me to send Jack off this morning, I know this is really a win-win situation for all of us. He and Beau get to be around other children in a Christian atmosphere, Jack is preparing himself for all-day every-day school next year, and after almost four years of playing mommy day-in and day-out, I finally get to have some me time.

Jack has been looking forward to today since open-house since last Thursday. He woke up bright and early this morning and exclaimed "The sun is up, I am ready to go to school right now!" He wasn't too enthused when I told him we had to wait an hour, so I fixed him some chocolate chip pancakes and we sat down for our first before-school breakfast (something my mom did for us every day growing up). Then we got ready for school and off we went. He let me take a few pictures but then he was gone...no kiss, no hug, no "I love you, mom." I hate to say it but I cried a little on the way home but quickly composed myself in order to have a fun play date with Beau.


Stacey said...

I'm so glad that he's so excited about it! It is so sweet when they are all excited about going to school. Eli went to pre-school in Ohio, and it was so WEIRD!!! Looking at him sitting in his desk was so sweet...Here it would cost half our salary to put him in pre-school, so he can wait till Kindergarten! lol Enjoy the time with Beau...I loved the pics!!!

Shawna Byrd said...

Aww, it is sad to see them growing up! I think you are right for preparing him for Kindergarten. We ALL need some time for ourselves. I feel guilty for it sometimes, but I really think it makes you a better mommy!

Liz Brack said...

I've been having the same thoughts these last few weeks. Going from play time at home with mom to 8 hours at school 5 days a week... I'm afraid might be quite tramatic!
Today I made a phone call to inquire about preschool in Lookeba Mothers day Out will be my next call.
I wish our little guys just didn't have to grow up.
If you have a minute let me know what Jack thought of MDO.
Tonight for dinner we are trying your recipe. Wish me luck. I'm not much of a cook.
Stay warm and dry!

Melinda said...

thanks everyone!

stacey - surprisingly, i think the one here is pretty stinkin' expensive so i can't even imagine what it must be up there!

shawna - i couldn't agree with you more!

and liz - i am dying to know how your meal turned out...i hope i explained it well enough for it to turn out okay. jack loved mdo, at least from what i could tell...afterall, he is a boy and i think boys in general are just shorter winded when it comes to descriptiveness than girls.

Amy said...

Those changes are hard but you will enjoy the time for YOU!

Kamie Brookshire said...

I love your blog!! It is so cute!

Liz Brack said...

Dinner went good. Everyone was happy with full tummies.
If its up to me and it usally is... this very well may become a weekly meal.
I agree with the $$ on our mdo.
Thats why I'm holding back.
My mom reminded me last night that $ for hour I pay more for Bethany's dance and piano lessons....
So.. maybe I should just sign him up.
(if its not full yet)
I suppose any transition is better than no transition at all.
Glad to hear Jack had fun.
In my book, no tears or timeouts is a VERY GOOD day.

Melinda said...

Thanks Kami! I am glad you found us!

Liz - I am sooo glad you guys liked the chicken. If it becomes a weekly meal, every other week will take a shorter amount of prep time because you have the leftover crouton/cheese mixutre. And you should just sign him up! He and Jack could get to know each other better...afterall, they will be in school together for the next 14 years : )