Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Splash bash

We celebrated Beau's first birthday Sunday evening with a pool party at Nana Robin's and Papa Chip's. The weather was perfect and I think everyone in attendance had a great time. We only wish my family could have been here for it.

There were a couple of birthday blunders such as almost all of the balloons deflated over night, leaving only three Mylar balloons left to be tied up for the party; and then one of those (the cute one that matched the cake) popped as soon as we got it outside...oh well, what can you do? Despite the lack of balloons, overall Beau had a wonderful first birthday party.

Beau loved his cake...

so much that he wanted to share it with Jack...

and even his daddy.

This was his cute beach ball cake - that is, before he demolished it.

And this is the cake everyone else ate from, thank goodness.

Of course there was swimming...

and presents.And by the looks of some of his gifts, you would think the boy was turning 16!

He received his first cell phone (despite the fact he can't really talk)and even a car.

There was even a Pinata for the older kids. (I bought some sand pails, painted there names on them and used them as their "goody-bags." That way, the kids could use them to pick up the candy from the Pinata too.)

Overall, it was a great party. I just can't believe it is over.

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Devin said...

It looks like loads of fun! I love birthday parties!