Monday, October 20, 2008

One of many

I am so behind on my posts! I feel as if I haven't been home for more than five minutes at a time in over a week. So rather than post a really long post (which would require ignoring my boys for a couple of hours while I typed and downloaded), I am going to post a bunch of overdue "stories" one at a time.

First off, Thursday we went to Edmond to have Beau's one-year-old pictures taken. Yes, I realize that I am a month and a half overdue on this task. And yes, I realize I could have done it myself but sometimes it just feels easier to go somewhere else and have someone else deal with your kids.

For almost four years now we have been going to Take 2 for our big family pictures: one, because the owner is a friend of the family; and two, because she is so talented. Take 2 is mostly known for its sports, dance recital, and pageant pics but I love her photos of kids because she moves around with them and lets them do their own thing. You can see his photo proofs here.

Needless to say he was exhausted after such a long day of running around and smiling for the cameras. Aren't they just little angels when they are fast asleep?!


Stacey said...

Those pictures are all SOOOOOO good! No wonder you go there! They are all so precious; I love the ones of him peeking out from behind the tree!! I have to agree with you on how precious they are when they sleep, too. They are at their best...well behaved, no talking back - it doesn't get better than that! :)

Melinda said...

The tree ones are my favorite too!

Nick and April said...

I agree with Stacey...the one of him peeking from behind the tree is so cute! I always get so stressed when we have pictures scheduled. Either he falls and gets a bruise or cries the entire session! It can only get better, right?

Melinda said...

April, that is so funny you said that...I was telling someone the other day how I needed to put Beau in football pads, a helmet and in a padded room - just until his pictures were over with. And no, I don't think it will get any better - esp. with boys!! : )