Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Go Elf Yourself

Okay, here is an explanation of the following post: Last year my sis-in-law introduced me to a website called JibJab - a site for creating eCards and dance videos. By simply uploading a photo or two, you too can make your very own video. The clips are hysterical but the downfall was that we could never share our clips with our friends and family unless they came over to our house; because although it was free to create them, it cost a little bit of money to embed them in your websites or e-mail them out to others.

This year however, JibJab has teamed up with OfficeMax in a promotion called "Elf Yourself" and it is completely FREE! I had to put myself in the video because had I chosen one of the kids, the other would have been put-off and I couldn't choose Josh for the video because, well, I just don't think he would've appreciated it too much.

So if you have a spare minute or two, go Elf Yourself and share it with all.


Stacey said...

I love Jib Jab! That is adorable!! Who knew you could dance like that!! hehehe

Jessica said...

So I just elfed our family and posted it on my blog...but the craziest thing happened the first time I tried to embed it. I clicked on embed the dance and it said it posted. However, when I went to my blog it had some weird jibjab post...kind of like the elf yourself with two guy's faces on fake bodies...but one guy was basically dancing/stripping for the other one who was in bed. It was the weirdest thing...glad I checked my blog right away or people would think I was a real sicko.

Melinda said...

Jessica, I think you just made me cry. That is hilarious; however, I am sorry it happened to you but am so glad you caught it in time.

Devin said...

Someone sent this to me last year, and it provided hours of entertainment. I think I uploaded a picture for every person in the family. I love it! I'll post on my blog, but not until after Thanksgiving when I updated the blog for Christmas:)