Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas comes but once a year...

Thank the Lord! I love the holidays but I will be happy when this week is over. I am beyond overwhelmed right now. We are leaving for New York early Sunday morning; therefore, Santa has graciously said he would pay us a visit a week early. That means ALL of my shopping must be done (I still lack 3 gifts), Christmas cards must be mailed (plan on doing that in the morning), bags must be packed and house must be cleaned (I have no idea when this will get done - probably at 3 A.M. Sunday morning), and dozens of cookies and other goodies must be made to hand out (I have already baked and decorated 6 dozen sugar cookies for the boys Mother's Day Out Christmas party tomorrow; and I have made well over eight jars of homemade hot chocolate mix - I will post on that later).

On top of all that, I still need to catch up on my blogging after a week without a computer. I am sure the rest of you find yourselves just as busy; however, you are probably better than I am about handling the constant insanity that accompanies this time of year. What are your secrets?

Okay, now to catch up a little bit more: This past Thursday we had Jack's pictures and our family pictures taken at Take 2. Once again, I think they turned out really cute. I am always so pleased with their work! You can see the proofs here.

After that, we took the boys to see Santa at Bass Pro - sounds a little red neckish, but hey, it was free (seriously - they give you a free 4X6 photo), there was no line, they let you take your own photos, and they always have the cutest decorations.


And while Josh and Jack played on the boats and with the remote controlled cars,


Beau was busy making new friends.


Once we finished our Bass Pro outing, it was off to see the Christmas lights in Yukon. Since it is on our way home, it is the perfect place to stop and has therefore become an annual tradition.


Beau didn't last long;


but Jack was enamored with all the lights, especially the ones set to music.



Devin said...

I totally feel your pain about the holiday craziness. I've felt that way for about a month now. Travel makes it more difficult. All wonderful things, just all at the same time. Are you going to New York for vacation, or to visit family?

Melinda said...

Devin, some of my family lives up in New York now, so we are going up there to spend the holidays with them.

Devin said...

Have fun!

Debbie said...

Great pictures. And I feel like I am so far behind, I will never catch up. I am several weeks behind on this computer. So, no secrets for you here. Sorry.

Stacey said...

Okay...To respond to this... "I am sure the rest of you find yourselves just as busy; however, you are probably better than I am about handling the constant insanity that accompanies this time of year. What are your secrets?"

LOLOLOLOL I'm right there with ya girl. And ESPECIALLY right there with ya on trying to clean before we leave, do laundry to last us 10 days, tie up loose ends...I'll be glad when this week is over with too. And packing...well, I'm trying to keep the amount of luggage minimal, but my shoes alone require an extra bag, so the airline is gonna stick it to us with fees I'm sure.

That is AWESOME that they do free Santa shots!!! How nice!!! We will have to take the boys out there when we get home. And I love the Yukon lights too!!! It's one of our traditions!!! (That, and scouting out the Yukon/Mustang housing, because that is where I'm set on moving to when Norman retires in 7 years :) That means only like 7 more years of Christmas light viewing until we can be permanent in ONE OF THOSE HOUSES...Wow...

Newberry said...

Your boys are SO cute! You got some really great pictures, and I especially love the penguin pajamas.

Melinda said...

Thanks Devin, we will. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday as well.

Debbie - C'mon... I expected you of all people to have some secrets hidden up your sleeves. I think you may be holding out on me ; )

Stacey - I hate that we are going to be gone 99% of the time you are here. Would love to see you and hang out. But seriously, do you really need to pack THAT many shoes...think about where you are headed. : )

Jill - thanks! Those pjs came from Gymboree, when they were on sale of course.

Daniele said...

Sounds like you had a great time. As for secrets, mine is not really a secret. But, I write everything down and where we can find it. If you have ever been to Tulsa, everything you need is on 71st. We hit the mall (many choices), Famous Footwear, Barnes & Noble, Babies R Us & Academy, mission accomplished and shopping is done. As for buying gifts for Doug's family (we started doing this two years ago), we send out emails before or right after Thanksgiving giving ideas of what we might like or want. Everyone always gets what they want on Christmas Eve, it makes it less stressful. Hope this helps.

Melinda said...

Thanks Daniele! I too keep a notebook: who to buy for, ideas of what they might like, my budget, and what I actually spend (my OCD coming out again). However, it is those few people that will not give me ideas of what they would like that really throws me off : )