Friday, December 12, 2008

Fantastic four

I can't believe Jack turned four this past Monday. It is amazing how fast time flies. He is becoming such a little independent, so strong willed, and sooooo talkative (really, there are some days where the kid just will not shut-up). Having said all of that though, I can't imagine my life without him in it. He is a true blessing and makes every day a new adventure.


We celebrated his big day on Sunday with a Cars themed party. Jack has been addicted to that movie for two years now. You would think that after the one-millionth time of watching it you would be sick and tired of Lightning McQueen...not Jack - he wants you to press play and start the movie all over again (I, on the other hand, would love to throw the movie out the window).


Jack had a wonderful birthday. His cake was of course a cookie cake - since he is not fond of real cake (seriously, what kid doesn't like cake? - I wish I didn't like thighs wish I didn't like cake - unfortunately I do). So anyway, the place where I got his cookie cake would not decorate it in a Cars theme so I had them put the border on and the "Happy Birthday Jack" on and then I decorated the rest. It wasn't great


but it served its purpose...and at least he seemed to like it.


On his first birthday, I started a tradition of framing one of his photos in a signable mat and having everyone who attended his birthday leave their birthday wishes on it. I am not good about saving birthday cards and such, so I thought this would be a great way to keep all of his well wishes in one place. Originally I said I would only do it until he was five; but, I may end up changing my mind and continuing the tradition on just a little longer - I guess I can make that decision later on though.


Jack received many gifts, all of which he loved


but his absolute favorite of the evening was the Imaginext Fire Station. He played with it for hours after the party was over and then woke up the next morning and started playing with it all over again.



Jessica said...

jack is a boy after my own heart...i'd rather have cookie cake too. although that doesn't mean that i'd pass up on regular cake at any given time.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

What a cutey-patootey! It looks like he had a fantastic birthday!

Stacey said...

Awww you did a great job decorating his cookie!!! He is so adorable Melinda! Such a good mix of you and Josh - Happy birthday little man!

Dawn said...

He's a handsome little guy.

You did a great job with his cookie cake. You're right, I can't imagine a kid not liking cake.. well, the icing anyway! LOL

My family LOVES birthday cake. My husband will buy them randomly through the year. LOL!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! I love your idea of framing a picture for everyone to sign. That is great-I wonder if my kids would notice if I strangely started doing it for their 7th, 4th & 2nd birthdays?

You did a great job on his cookie cake! I'm thoroughly impressed.

Amy said...

Don't you love December birthdays?!?! Lucas has his this Friday and we're celebrating Saturday. Nothing like having a birthday in the midst of chaos!

Melinda said...

Amy - December birthdays are the absolute worst. Just when you think the holidays couldn't get any more hectic you have to throw a birthday party amidst it all. I feel for you, friend!

The Happy Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Jack, what a handsome little guy he is! And that is such a cool "cake", I love it! I also love the picture in a frame idea, I might have to copy that one. My daughter had a pink pillow that all the girls signed at her party last year. She turned 10 and had her first sleepover birthday party...I'd take Lightning McQueen over a dozen tween girls any day, LOL! :)

Nick and April said...

Austin and Jack are so much alike! We have gone through 2 cars DVD's so far! He watches it over and and over. I love cookie cake...any day of any week!

Shawna Byrd said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I heard that he was very proud of the fact that he was four, and that he announced it to the congregation! Your little man has definetely has personality!

Debbie said...

Great pictures! He looks so adorable. And cookie cake? What isn't to love about that?

Melinda said...

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes for Jack and for the compliments on the cake.

Shawna - yes, Jack yelled out in Church Wed. night how old he was but only when they were talking about so-and-so turning 90, and another so-and-so turning 80 it was completely within context : )

Happy Mom- I have to tell you, I am not at all jealous of your teenage sleepover. I remember those when I was that age and they were awful then.; )

And for those who wanted to use the frame idea - go for it! That is why I share things with all of you. And Amber, maybe you could do it for your kid's big birthdays - 5, 10, 13, get the picture.

Lynn Valdez said...

Your family is so adorable. Your youngest looks like you more! I love watching your family grow. So proud of you!!!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Lynn - you are soooo sweet. I am glad you stopped by the blogs. I love keeping up with your family as well. You are such a strong woman and it is I who is so very proud of you and all that you have come through! You are an inspiration, my dear!

Daniele said...

Happy Birthday Jack! What a great time to have you birthday and turn around and Christmas in a couple of weeks.

Eli loves telling everyone he is 4, we also did cars this year and we are on our second DVD as well. I wish they would quit coming out with new things from the movie. Keeping them organzied is no easy task.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

What a cool cake!

I know what you mean about being sick of a certain movie- for us, its Toy Story, since both my kids love the original and the sequel....especially my son. He can watch it in the morning with me and then turn around and watch it again when his sissy comes home from school! lol

Oh well, at least its a movie I like too, even if I am a little sick of it.

Happy Birthday Jack...a little belatedly!