Friday, February 20, 2009

Fix-It-Friday #3

I hate that I missed "Fix-It-Friday" last week because I truly need all the practice I can get.

This week's photo was a little bit more difficult than the first week but still using my free 30-day trial of Photoshop CS4, I think I got it at least a little better. 30 days is not nearly long enough to learn all of the ins and outs of Photoshop.






KGPhoto said...

Looks great - nice crop. 30 days of PS is just a teaser! lol

Lolli said...

I agree about the 30 days of PS not being enough...I've still got so much to learn! You did a great job on the photo!

kbreints said...

oh you REALLY made her eyes pop! Love it!

Dawn said...

I don't think you could learn everything about photoshop even in a year!! There's so much

You did a great job with the picture! =)

theArthurClan said...

I've owned Photoshop for over 7 months now and I don't think I've even learned a smidgen of what it offers. What an amazing program!

It's so fun seeing my daughter's face "fixed up" all over the web. :) Your fix-it is wonderful!

co-founder of I ♥ Faces

~ A Moxie Mom said...


Carebear said...

I think your fix it looks great! Tell me more about a free trial of PS4! Did you use any of the earlier versions? Do you like PS? Would you recommend the free trial and how do I get it? Sorry for the million questions, but I'm dying to get in on the PS fun - no way my DH is going to let me spend the $$ right now, though!

Carebear said...

Just wanted to say - you've commented everywhere I've been on I Heart Faces links, and everytime I see you I think, Dang, I love that polka-dotted dress, LOL! It's so cute! And you're so supportive of everyone - I'm waiting for you to be Fan of the Week!

Melinda said...

You can get a free trial for Photoshop (or any other program they make) at I was wavering between PS and Lightroom but because of the trials, I now definitely have my heart set on PS. It is very expensive and I am still trying to get my hubby to shell out the big bucks for it...I only have 9 days left...yikes : )

Teresa said...

I think you're brave for already getting in there and using Photoshop right away. The first time I opened it, I saw all those tools and menus and closed it immediately. It took me a little while to even try again, but I'm glad I did!!! Your fix is lovely...really pretty colors, great crop, her face and eyes are terrific. Great job!

the RaMbLeR said...

WOW! Great job!

I have PS Elements and it is intimidating enough...I can't figure it all out. Guess it just takes time to play with everything.
I wish someone could explain ALL the little tricks. ;)