Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

April’s assignment: Because April is when a lot of high schools hold their proms, I have dubbed April’s theme as “Black Tie Affair”. I would love to see photos of you and/or your family dressed up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “Black Tie,” but rather it can be any occasion that calls for you to be dressed up a little more than usual: prom, formals, theater shows, balls, parties…you get the general idea. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with (I really am hoping and praying that some of you post photos of your high school formals – lol).

Since I wrote that it was my desire for you all to post some of your photos from high school formals, I thought it was only fair if I posted some of mine. Besides, I don’t think it gets much worse that the middle school formal pictures I posted last week (lol).gw prom (That’s my dad by the way, not my date; although, I would have been honored to escort him to my prom – love ya, Dad)

Prom, although a lot of fun, I found to be highly overrated. It was just another school dance…it just tended to cost a little more money than say Homecoming or Sadie Hawkins.prom 2 Prom at my high school was a lot different than the ones that are held at the school my boys will most likely attend. Here, they have dinner and the dance at the school. Where I went to school, we rented a limolimo with a bunch of other couples,jr prom went to dinner at a fancy restaurant,dinner headed to the dance,prom and then afterwards went to one person’s house from our group and spent the rest of the evening there watching movies, playing pool, etc., etc. In essence, our proms were an all-night affair…one last hurrah, if you will, before the end of the school prom I really wish I had more interesting stories to tell of my proms but hopefully the pictures are entertaining in and of themselves.

Flashback Friday Participants
1. Heather
2. Mandy Stansberry
3. Heidi
4. Jenny
5. Stacey
6. Christy
7. Kristin
8. Jenny

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Lolli said...

Look how gorgeous you are! I love that first picture of you with your dad!

Anonymous said...

Look at how fancy you look! You look absolutley gorgeous, I am scared to put my prom pics up there LOL.

♥georgie♥ said...

geesh how young are you? those dresses are still in style! my prom dress on the other hand should be burned LOL and never come back in style

GREAT pics!

Sally's World said...

you look totally gorgeous, proms are not traditional here, i wish they were, i'd have been in my element, and i know my daughter would love it...the first dress here is my favourite, the green one a close second..great post!

Kristin said...

Beautiful- what nice memories! Love the picture with your dad, very sweet. Thanks for letting me join in!

Heather Alvarez said...

So pretty! Where did you go to High School again? I was at Shiloh High over in Gwinnett County.

Melinda said...

Heather - I went to Brookwood which means we were rivals! Go Broncos!! : )

Mandy said...

Melinda, I love you and all your dresses! You looked great! I do have one question... how many pairs of dyeable shoes did you own??

Melinda said...

LOL - thanks Mandy...too many to count. Although last week's shoes were not dyed...I found those to match the dress...sad but true : )

Heidi said...

You were {still are} so STINKIN cute! I love your pictures this week!!

Lexi said...

How beautiful are you??!!!
I like the green dress....
I love these posts!!!
Such fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

I think you are SO pretty : ). I LOVED seeing your Daddy. Dad's are just about my favorite kind of people on the planet. Along with children, old people, Mom's, nice people, poor people and funny people : ).

I was going to participate in your thing today and last night at midnight I was looking thru all of my pictures. I don't have my old high school pictures at my house, but I will get them soon because I totally want to participate in your thing a ma jig. Oh, yes I do!

I live in a Philadelphia suburb about an hour away from Philadelphia. I work in the city. I would LOVE to meet you! It would be the most exciting thing on the planet : ). I just hope you will still like me even though I am FAT and not nearly as normal as I sound on the blog : ) : (.

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Aw-how adorable!!! I love the pictures, I dont have any because my dumb but didnt finish school, I dropped out and got my GED-loser me!

I seen your picture was over at i heart faces, I played along for the 1st time just because it was your photo. I hope you like it!! ;)
I feel better so Im BACK!!
I have a lot of catching up to do.

Stacey said...

I love those photos!! And you are soooo ROTTEN!!! Our prom in small town America was soooo not that fab! :)

Dawn said...

LOL@Georgie!! My dresses look way out of style now too.

Your dresses are all just gorgeous! And, you looked breathtakingly beautiful as well.

Jenny said...

You look so pretty in all your dresses. Our proms and homecoming were an all night affair too. I can't believe the dinner and the dance are at the school now, what's up with that?

Kristin said...

Hi again, I guess my link didn't get in- probably did it wrong because I was so excited to be first!! Anyway, I'm going to link in now & be a day late again!! Happy Weekend to all!

Baloney said...

I'm with Georgie. Your dresses are WAY too in style! Your hair doesn't look big enough, either.

You look so purdy!!
Sorry - I'm catching up on some blog reading today. It's been a busy week.