Friday, April 17, 2009

Give Me Your Best Shot

I had two this week that I kind of liked.

The first is of “Captain Jack”. I love that it is an action shot yet nothing is blurry and his pure joy at being outside now that the weather is starting to turn nice again is displayed so well in his smile.april randoms 001 The second photo is of little Beau playing in the sandbox. I love the action of the sand spilling from the shovel into the bucket and his look of pure concentration is just classic.april randoms 003 To join in or to see more “Give Me Your Best Shot” photos head on over to my friend Lolli’s blog, Life is Sweet.



Sally's World said...

adorable as always

Martha (FL) said...

Great shots of your little ones! What a wonderful smile on Capt Jack, and such attention to the shovel and pail by Beau.

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful shots!

Jenny said...

Nothing like good times out in the sunshine. Great pics:)

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

It's such a great time of year to capture the outdoor photos. You picked up wonderful expression in both of them, excitement and wonder, good job!

Kristin K