Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little behind

I have been completely overwhelmed lately, so please forgive me for not only neglecting my blog but for not getting by to visit yours as well. Maybe one of these days I will get my head screwed on straight and get a routine worked out.

Anyway, life, as usual, has been rather hectic. In addition to photographing eight lovely children and celebrating Beau’s 2nd birthday (post to come later) over the weekend, we also had our small town fair. What that means for me – sitting around for one whole day accepting entries for the photography contest, Photo entries for web 3 nights of fair fun, Jack and Beau on cups for web a parade in which my kids dress up and walk, or rather ride in their case, down Main Street,Brookshire Plumbing for web(On a side note: the boys went as Brookshire Plumbing Jr., complete with toilette,brookshire plumbing backside for web  because both their dad and Papa are plumbers; and in a small town, everyone is aware of that fact. The boys placed 3rd!) 

and little games designated for all of the kiddos.Sack race for web (Jack won 1st place in the sack race and he was so excited, especially since he won tickets to use at the fair!)


Stacey said...

How fun! Our fair is this weekend.

Jenny said...

I love town fairs, your kids are so cute and I love their car with the toilet too cute:)

drewmark19 said...

The toilet cracks me up! My favorite picture though is the one of the sack race. Awesome!

Our fair is coming up soon. Where we live, the kids actually get a day off of school just to go to the fair. My babysitter's husband is a teacher, and his school gets the entire week off!

Baloney said...

CUTE! I'm cracking up at the toilet in the back of their vehicle.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your town. I love your fair! I want to move over to your part of the country : ) That idea for the fair was brilliant. How did you get so smart Melinda? Please tell me immediately!