Thursday, October 29, 2009

Field Trip

Regardless of how I feel about the name “Chester’s Party Barn” (admit it, that so does not sound like an appropriate place for little kids…or me for that matter), that is where Jack’s Pre-K class ventured on their very first field trip.DSC_0598 cropped for web 

The parents were asked to come along as well, so I loaded up my camera, lined up behind the school bus and 50 other cars, and off we went.

“Chester’s Party Barn” is located out in the sticks. Literally it was down dirt road after dirt road. And somehow along the way I got lost.

How I lose a big yellow school bus and 50 other cars is beyond me, but I did.

Stick me in a crowded city with road signs and I’m fine. But lead me down dirt roads surrounded by farms, and you might as well blind-fold me.

I digress. So, eventually (after having to ask for directions not once, but twice), I made it.

And despite the weather being crummy, the kids had a blast.

They road hay rides,DSC_0576 cropped for web

pumpkin bowled,DSC_0599 cropped for web

and decorated their own pumpkins among many other things.DSC_0610 for web

And afterwards, miraculously, we all (including myself – although I was 2 miles short of running completely out of gas) found our way home.


@nnie said...

poppin' pumpkin pics!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love his spiky hair. You just prove over and over, with each post you write, that you are the BEST mommy in America- or at the very least Oklahoma : )

I would have gotten lost too. I get lost ALL the time. Even with a gps. MAN!

The pictures are so adorable. As always Melinda!

And last of all, Chester makes me think of Chester the Molester! Oh yes it does. Scary as can be!

Andy said...

I wish he would have decorated my pumpkin, so it would look like something respectable. Is he available next year?