Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby blues

Saturday night Beau got sick. We don't know if it is a cold, allergies or the beginnings of another bout with ear infections.

Except for having a runny nose now he seems to feel better. But at the beginning of the week he looked awful: red watery eyes, runny nose, a slight fever and he was so lethargic. It was terribly sad. I hate to see my boys sick.

We tried dipping him in the pool Sunday night to bring his fever down a little bit but that did nothing but wear him out even more. I think he ended up sleeping 13 hours Sunday evening!

I called the doctor Monday morning and they said not to worry too much about it unless he starts getting overly cranky and can't sleep at night. With the genes that run in my boys, I don't think anything could keep them from sleeping (or eating).

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