Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

I have decided to start a Friday ritual, if you will. Every Friday, time permitting, I will post some older pictures. They will serve as a reminder of where we have come from, and in a lot of cases how far we have come. Some of the pictures will be funny and some will be sweet but all will bring back memories of a time gone by. I hope you enjoy them.

This particular picture was probably taken in 1979 in West Palm Beach, Florida at my Granddad's old quadruplex. My family use to spend every summer and spring break there and it will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts simply due to the wonderful memories that were made.


Melinda said...

an email from dad:
Wowee... Thanks, I think!
Love you,Dad

Jenni said...

What a fun pic... Tube socks and the little yellow dress... :)

USANDCO said...

Melinda, it seems you are all over the internet and are very good at this blog thing. I just happen stumbled onto your "Burb Blog", I guess through your "Intents and Purposes" blog but have enjoyed it. I especially like your Friday Flashback, very clever. I think I will "borrow" it for our family blog to help keep interest up. Keep up the creative ideas, I need some more.

Ma Morton

Melinda said...

Ma Morton - so glad you found us here. I sure thought I had sent you an e-mail to let you know about the site. Apparently, I was wrong...sorry. I would love to see the pics you post of your family for Flashback Friday!