Saturday, August 2, 2008

Look ma, no swimmies

"Mama, I want to practice without my swimmies," Jack said - and off he went.

We have been trying all summer to get him to take off those stupid things; afterall, he doesn't need them. The boy runs and jumps in without any inhibitions but all summer he has refused to take off the swimmies claiming he "needs" them and that he has to grow "bigger" before he can take them off.

I guess Saturday night, for some reason or another, he decided he was "bigger." So off came the swimmies and off went our little fish.

The lesson in all of this - we just need to wait until Jack is mentally ready for things. We need to stop trying to push him into things because he is as hard headed as both of his parents and unless it is his idea, it's of no use to him.

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