Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party preparations

Since I already posted one of my favorite websites, why not another one?!

Beau's first birthday is next weekend and I am trying hard to get everything done. Since moving out to small town America, I have found the once simple task of party prepping to be a lot more difficult and time consuming.

A lot of my "shopping" is now done via the Internet. It is a lot less time consuming, no hour drives to and from places, and I don't have to drag the two rug-rats all over creation.

My sister-in-law told me of a website where you can download your own pictures and load them onto a number of invitations that go along with your party theme and then you can either print them out yourself or for a little extra money you can have them printed at the nearest Wal-Mart (which for me is still 25 minutes away). Uprint Invitations is VERY reasonably priced and I was really happy with the way Beau's invitations turned out. My biggest complaint would be the fact that the pictures, when downloaded, crop differently than what you may have, so cropping them over and over again to get the right look takes a good bit of time (I eventually gave up).

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Amy said...

Adorable invitations!