Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve redo

We ate lots of food


And fixed Santa a snack.


The stockings were hung


And curiosity got to Jack.


Aunt "Beef" read a book.


The scene was all set.


Santa would come, there was nothing to fret.



Amber said...

I love your tree!!!! Oh, and about the way pictures are coming up, they are all fine on my computer =) Happy New Year!!! God Bless!

Melinda said...

Thanks, Amber. I wish I could take credit for the tree but that one is my mom's...and yes, it is very beautiful!

Daniele said...

Did Santa get a Pepsi? He did when I was growing up!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved Mama Mia! Happy New Year Melinda!

Dawn said...

I didn't know Santa drank Pepsi! Boy, I learn something new everyday in the blog-o-sphere! LOL!

Your pictures are beautiful!

And, about the size... there has only been one picture that was a little cut off and that was the Christmas card picture about wisemen. The rest have been just great! :)

I love the one of your son trying to peek up the chimney and the one of aunt beef reading to your son. So sweet!

Amy said...

I love the angle you've taken on so many of those pictures. I need to take lessons! Christmas SHOULD be celebrated more than once!