Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tying up loose ends

Yesterday, I posted two pretty incomplete blog posts. Sorry about that.  In this post I will try and rectify it.

First of all – WOW! I was completely overwhelmed with the number of responses I had to the monitor calibration post. Thank you all so much. The one that most of you chose was the second and the second was (drum roll, please)……….Crooked kiss Kate for web ….the BEFORE calibration photo. It too is my favorite; but on the newly calibrated monitor it look dark, dull, and their skin tones were a little orangey-red. All-in-all it looked awful and I started to panic that those were the photos everyone was seeing. So I set out to edit the photo again now that my monitor was calibrated and this is what I came up with.Crooked kiss Kate after calibration for web After having read your responses, I quickly erased my new calibration profile and reverted back to my computer’s default setting. Now that I am looking at this second photo, sans monitor calibration, it looks almost ghostly to me.

So anyways, it’s back to the drawing board for me and my nifty new little gadget: the X-Rite EODIS2 Eye-One Display 2 – it is the one my photo lab uses and it seemed to get great reviews. At this point, I can’t really say if I am happy with it or not. It is super easy to use, I think I may just be too dumb to figure out the advanced settings. But nevertheless, I really do appreciate your input and am sure I will be asking for it again in the near future.


Now, onto my Jack storyArgh for web

First of all, Jack is fine. A doctor revealed he sustained a scratch to his cornea. The patch is probably there just to keep his little fingers out of his eyes.

Second, excuse the following 4th of July photos. That’s what I had, because that’s usually when stuff like this would happen…usually.

Jack’s a boy.

His daddy’s a boy.

Boys like to blow things up. 4th of July 09 039 ps I don’t know why. They just do. I guess it’s just part of their genetic make-up…or something.

Anyways, I have been going to Yoga three times a week (yay for me!). Normally, because the hubby is usually still working, the boys head over to their Nana and Papa’s house for that hour. Tuesday night though, my lovely and darling hubster was home. I donned my workout clothes, grabbed my workout bag, waved sweetly at all three of them sitting on the couch, and headed out the front door.

In small town America, you can walk just about everywhere; and so that’s what I do on my Yoga days – I walk – to class and from class. I consider it my warm-up and cool-down : )

As I’m walking, I hear a car pull up behind me. I turn to see who it is and there is my family. The hubby of course was driving and the two boys were hanging out the passenger window waving and yelling hello. I didn’t know where they were going, but I did notice: no child seats, no seat-belts, nada. I’m surprised one of the boys wasn’t driving the car. Ya’ just never know. In small town America you can get away with just about anything.

After Yoga, I head home. I walk in the door and Jack is screaming bloody murder. His eye is killing him and although I continue to ask what happened no one ever really answers me. Jack continues to wail and the hubby continues to bark orders at me to get this that and the other…I love it when he does that (yeah, not so much).

When he asked for Children’s Tylenol though, I was stumped. We had Infant and Adult, but no Children’s. I knew Nana and Papa would have it and I knew that maybe NOW I could get some answers.

It was at their house that I found out that my normally-highly-intelligent husband had been letting the boys play with Roman Candles. A spark flew out and hit Jack in the eye.4th of July 09 033 ps With regards to the boys playing with fireworks - I wish I could say I was shocked and outraged; but honestly, I’s sadly used to it.4th of July 09 026 ps I hate it and I have repeatedly told them how dangerous it is. But I’m used to it.

When I got home, Jack was still screaming bloody murder. Josh was still trying to calm him down long enough to flush out his eye. And me, well, I handed the hubby the Children’s Tylenol, said “I told ya’ so,” and walked to a quieter room.


roy/elisabeth dean said...

The patch just gives him that Johnny Depp look....only cuter!
My daddy was always so completely different in the way he behaved with his daughters and sons. I was NEVER allowed to hold a roman candle, but my brothers were! It's just that Dad & Sons thing. Really suited me fine, I was scared of them....probably would have shot someone ELSE's eye out!
Glad everything is OK~

Stacey said...

Ouch! I love how you handed him the meds and walked to a quieter room. lol I bet they don't stop playing with roman candles though!

~Tom~ said...

Oh blowing things up most definitely is a guy thing. Fire and explosions. I remember creating both as a kid. It's just what we do. Most of us know the limits. However, I knew a kid that took it to an extreme and turned to arson. He died at an early age. Not from fire. He drowned. I think it was God's way of telling him He had seen enough fire!

April said...

I was so nervous when Austin helped his dad light fireworks this summer. For the most part Austin just watched while his dad lit them but I was still a nervous wreck cause you never know what direction the fireworks are going to fly/run off to. These kinds of things always happen when dads are home alone! LOL

Suki said...

I hope Jack feels better! The band aid looks like a pirate :)
I like it that you left your husband in charge :) He's the one who allowed them to play with fireworks and maybe it was a bit of a cure to him too!

Stacey said...

I'm so glad he's okay!!! I would have been freaking out!!! FREAKING! You are so calm. Can you pass me some calm? So happy that he's okay though...

Life with Kaishon said...

I think you are so awesome. Such a great mom. I need to come and visit you lessons so I can learn how to be cooler like you! And I also need to join your yoga class. I need something. I keep whining about it and doing NOTHING. What is wrong with me Melinda?
PS Of course I am glad he is ok : )I knew he would be though or you would have wrote an alarming PRAY FOR US post!

Life with Kaishon said...

And PS I need your email. I am having problems with some pictures I just took. I need your help. YOU are my Rebekah Westover : ) You and Drew!

Oakstream Photography said...

WHOA!!!!!!!!! Darn husband's. BOYS! Sheesh..LOL! Glad he's ok!

Annette said...

Ya, boys and fire, I don't get it either. My son and husband like to have bonfires in the backyard. I think it's the whole cave man, "man make fire" part of them. Hope Jack is alright.

I wish I could walk to yoga class. That would be nice.

I have been researching monitor calibration too. The photo lab I wanted to start using (CPQ and I was looking at H&H) strongly suggests them. So what are you going to do now?