Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A league of extraordinary gentlemen

Well, they are not quite gentlemen yet, but by accomplishing some pretty extraordinary feats since summer began, Jack and Beau are both getting a little too close to "big" a little too fast for mama.

For Beau the summer has been filled with many firsts including but not limited to walking. At eight months old he was pulling himself up and taking a step or two; and so at 10 months, he is not only walking but climbing as well. Baby gates have gone up and outlet covers have gone on; but somehow no matter how many precautionary steps I might take, he still manages to get into anything and everything.

Jack, on the other hand, who mastered walking years ago, has moved on to bigger and better, albeit scarier things. Learning to swim topped our "To Do" list this summer. Once Nana and Papa Brookshire's pool install was completed, swimming lessons for Jack quickly followed. Although Jack still uses his swimmies for security reasons (which is okay by mom) he can swim without them. He now loves to dunk his entire head in the water and he went from being afraid of the water slide to our having to drag him off of it.

I had originally wanted to post some video with this entry; but it just isn't happening right now...I will try again at a later date . One thing I love about blogging is that I am discovering all of these new, and more importantly FREE, little gadgets on the web that I can use here on the blog. So below is something I discovered at Smilebox.com, thanks to the August issue of Parents magazine. I sure hope it works.

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